by Asya Proctor

Nineteen-year-old College student, Breunna Henderson defines her work as unique, flavorful and versatile.

The freelance photographer states “I started to really get into my art about two years ago, shortly after that I got my very first Canon Camera. I can honestly say I’ve been in love ever since.” As she speaks about her work with me she reveals true passion for photography, as she adds “It’s something so amazing to me about preserving the perfect moment without it fading.”


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Breunna continues to express her love for photography in a quick interview.

 Why do you create your work?

I create my art as a symbol of freedom of expression. My photography style changes often because I like to keep it versatile. I really wouldn’t say I have a style but I like to create whatever comes to mind.

What or who is your biggest influence?

 My biggest inspiration would be my Uncle Stacy Mitchell, a professional wedding photographer, who has influenced me in so many ways. Without his guidance I don’t think I would be as experience as I am now. Any questions or concerns that I may have he’s the very first person I call for help.


Do you have any pet peeves when it come to your photography or the process?

One of my biggest pet peeves is when my vision doesn’t turn out to be exactly what I wanted in the end. I am very big on details as well, so I slightest mistake can cause me to start fresh.

 Who would you collaborate with in the feature? Or who was your favorite person to collaborate with?

I’ve never done a collab before but if I would do one it would be with Claudia Newsome.

What’s a day chilling with you consist of?

A day chilling with me consist of endless laughs lol. I love adventures and exploring new things. But, I also love just sitting back with my feet up listening to good music and vibing.

If you could go anywhere right now where would it be?

 If I could go anywhere right now it would be Europe. I would take some amazing photos there!

Any words of advice for upcoming artist like yourself

Words of advice to any upcoming artist or photographers would be to EMBRACE YOUR TALENT, don’t let anyone tell you that your work isn’t good enough and keep working hard.

Visit Breunna Henderson’s work: http://prettyingreene.wix.com/intothearts.com


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