Young, Fly, and Flossy: Who is Alex Vaughn


Born & raised in PG County MD, Soulful songstress Alex Vaughn is definitely someone to keep your eyes on! This 24 year old singer/songwriter/pianist producer has been involved in music of all forms her entire life, from R&B, to jazz… and all the way to classical music! Vaughn was granted a full scholarship to college for classical music, but then decided that school was not her passion she decided to pursue her dream to R&B stardom! Since then, she has performed at different events and occasions singing background with soul artist Goapele, while working on her own music… She dropped her debut EP ‘The 4pm Mix’ on Soundcloud, where it received really good reviews and numbers. Alex is currently performing at local events, while working on her second project, (title TBA) along with visuals, which is projected to drop Spring/Summer 2017, so stay tuned!!!

We discussed the following:

AC: What do I enjoy most about making music? 

AV:I enjoy EVERYTHING about making music, but what I enjoy MOST… being able to express myself without feeling embarrassed about the ways that I feel. For some reason it’s much more challenging for me to articulate what I’m feeling in just plain words, as to just turning it into a song… Music makes me more comfortable with who I really am.

AC:How do you plan on using your music to send a positive message to your peers and people who may look up to you?

AV: I only write about how I’m feeling, and reaI things. I know that I am farrrr from put-together, & I also know that I’m not the only one going through the struggle either… There’s comfort in knowing you’re not the only person going through something, or thinking a certain way…I want my music to ALWAYS have something you can take from it, while still grooving to it… There are so many songs that made me feel good while I was down, because of how the beat made me feel & what was being said. I  want to be that same type of artist for my listeners.

AC:If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be?

AV: There are entirely too many people I could name to be honest lol… but off the top of my head, I’d have to say Kanye West & Alicia Keys… Those are definitely my top 2


AC: What inspires your music?

AV: Literally everything! Every single part of life inspires me, lol… Even the shittiest parts… Those good & bad moments make me want to write from the perspective of the person I plan on becoming… I always write from the perspective of “What would I want someone to tell me right now, while I feel like this?” My friends inspire my writing too… All my love/ heartbreak songs are solely from them telling me their crazy stories lol (which is why I don’t see myself ever getting into any relationship lmao)

AC: What advice would you give someone else who wishes you pursue a career in music.

AV: Love yourself, know yourself, TRUST yourself, and pray.I’m still on my own come-up, & although I haven`t made it YET, I’ve had to overcome soooo many battles, (& still am) & I didn’t necessarily always have a plan either… but those 4 things I said earlier kept me from going completely underwater… & This entire process will not be easy, otherwise everyone would have it. Stay consistent, & remember who you’re doing it for… Of all people, don’t let yourself down. Always remember why you started going this path in the first place.and TRUST THE SIGNS!!! that’s a huge one

AC: What would you say is different about your style?

AV: Hmmm… I guess I’m not trying to be like anybody else… & I feel like people are trying to be the next Beyonce’/ Rihanna (which is impossible because they’re too great, lol) while I’m trying to be the first Alex Vaughn & that’s it lol… I want to create my own path, & create my own shoes that will some day want to be filled… I feel like lots of people are trying to be the same, because it’s trendy… But trends fade… especially in this generation… I guess what makes me different is that I am aiming for timelessness, & prayerfully with time, & hard work, people will feel the same way about me 🙂

AC: What would you say is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to your work?

AV:I think my biggest pet peeve is the fact that not everything comes to you when you want it to… I’m now finally learning that sometimes, things need to marinate, meaning you may have to sit on an idea or concept for a while for it to finally come together… I’m a very excited & anxious person when it comes to creating lol

Follow her and Stay tuned for her next project coming in December!

Instagram – @whoisalexvaughn

Twitter- whoisalexvaughn

Souncloud –



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