Creations That`ll Survive a Lifetime: EternalDC

Owners of the brand Jamaal & Julian

Creative is an understatement when it comes to these two designers Jamaal and Julian. Building their brand has become a lifestyle… A lifestyle that is defined by internal creativity and their freedom of expression. Through their work they have caught the eyes of local DMV rappers Bali Baby and Rico Nasty. This is only the beginning they will continue in stretching their brand eternally.

We discussed the following:

Q: What made you begin designing/Styling clothes?

A: At the age of fifteen, I discovered a young designer by the name of Glyn Brown. Seeing his clothing line L3nf along with my own passion for clothing and art inspired me to start my own brand.- Jamaal

 Q:  What are some things that you hope to accomplish through your designing/styling?

A: To live the rapper lifestyle with the money,clothes, and fans through other outlets than rapping. And also shed some light on the creative side of the DMV. – Julian

Q:  How do you plan on building your brand, how will you be different from anyone else?

A: The name Eternal DC is a very versatile name and our group has many talents. So we can have our feet in several different ventures at 1 time. – Julian

img_8161Q: How would describe your style?

A: The beauty of Eternal DC is that we have three key members each with their own individual sense of style. We pride ourselves on not having one set ‘style’ and instead being amalgamation of the best qualities of the 3 owners

Q:  What advice would you give someone else who is aspiring to pursue a career in styling/fashion designing.

A: I would say to keep in mind that it’s not all one thing. The clothes can’t be 100% dictated by business in the same way that the business aspect can’t always yield to the art. Running a business like ours takes balance. – Jamaal

Q: If you could style/design clothing for any celebrity who would it be, who would you say is closely related to your style?

A: If I could style or design for any celebrity it would have to be Young Thug. Dude’s individuality is a real inspiration to me. You can tell he really doesn’t care what people think. As for who i view as closely related to my style, I’d have to say Travis Scott. I been watching his style since he first showed himself to the public & the way he wears plaid speaks to me.- Jamaal

Q:What do you enjoy most about designing/styling clothing?

A: What I enjoy the most about designing/styling is the creative freedom. It’s all about getting the vision out of my head without having to answer to anyone.- Jamaal

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Follow their twitter for upcoming projects @Eternal_DC

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