All The Flavors of Being a Girl: Get Painted By Pixie!


Ahmyia, also known as Pixiedoll or the Colorfairy is the ish when to comes to all things beauty. Specializing in both hair and makeup Ahmyia has found her true passion! She pursued her passion and graduated from the Aveda Institute in Washington, DC. Ahmyia gives her complete all when it comes to catering to the needs of her clients as well as educating them to be the best forms of themselves when it comes to their appearance. Keep an eye out for her work, as well as follow her on her journey as she continues to grow as a stylist and Makeup artist. I had the opportunity to carry out an interview with her and I am excited to see what she will become!

We discussed the following:

ZI: What is it about doing makeup that you enjoy the most?

PD: I enjoy everything about makeup but the before and after is defiantly my favorite part the exciting look on the clients face when they see the finished look completes my day.

ZI: What are your favorite makeup brands and product? Drugstore and non-drugstore.

 PD: My favorite product would have to be Gold deposit by Mac best highlighter of all time, and 2nd Fav Urban Decay all-nighter setting spray, LA girl is great as well especially for beginners.

ZI: How did you begin doing makeup?

PD: I begin doing makeup literally one day out the blew I just did my face and I was like I like this, this is fun lol and it looked great so I stared doing my friends then classmates then clients

ZI: What has been your favorite beauty trend of 2016?

PD: My favorite beauty trend of 2016 is definitely glitter everyone has been embracing the more dramatic looks as far as glitter lips glitter wing liner etc. and also the halo eye has been my favorite

ZI: What 3 makeup items should a woman not leave the house without?

PD: 3 makeup items a woman shouldn’t leave the house with that’s hard lol well me personally a lip or lipgloss for instance a red lip can take you from blah to ohh lol , a pencil because it can be used everywhere you can use it for your brows ,lip liner ,eyeliner and mascara I need my eyelashes poppin 24/7

ZI: Where do you get your inspiration?

PD: I get most of my inspiration from Daisy Marquez , and Ms.AliyahJay both of them are young and free they never do the same look

ZI: What are some beauty vloggers that are on your must watch list on Youtube?

PD: Daisy Marquez,Ms.AliyahJay,Mikala Walker , Angel Cumberbatch I could go on but those are like my favorite off the top of my head

ZI: What is one thing that you want to accomplish this year whether it be with your business, youtube channel, or a difficult makeup task?

PD: One thing I want to accomplish is to start my YouTube channel I’m waiting to get a better computer for editing so once I get that I’ll be ready  , I also want to stay focused as far as working my goal was to be working for Mac by 21 I’m 20! And I got hired in December 2016 so I’m excited about that and to be working for such an amazing company, I’m also dropping a boutique in February called Princess Gang so I just wanna stay focused.

For more information on Ahmyia`s work please feel free to contact her through the information listed below.

Business Instagram: paintedbypixieee

Personal Instagram: pixiedoll_

Twitter: pixiedoll_


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