Begin to Start Blushing: Our Interview with Hip hop`s Newest Trio “Blush”


Hip hop trio “Blush” is setting the tone for what it takes to be an all-female group in the music industry. Managed by music mogul Matthew Knowles, father of two influential singers of today; Beyonce and Solange Knowles will be taking on another set of ladies. Composed of two sultry rappers and a soulful vocalist the group has been known to produce an old -school sound comparable to groups such as, TLC, Destiny`s Child, and Salt-and-Pepa.

The group is now on tour opening for R&B songstress Sevyn Streeter. The tour will take place until the release of Sevyn`s new album “Girl Disrupted”. While on tour the girls will be performing singles from their debut album “Old School Back Past, Present, and Future.” Be sure to check out their latest single “Cinderella”. We had the opportunity to sit down with the girls for an interview.

We discussed the following:

AC: What do you enjoy most about making music?

Blush: The fact that it is our own and we get to share it with the world!

AC: How do feel about being managed by the legendary Matthew Knowles with his knowledge of management and the music industry?

Blush: It is great , the reason that we grow is because, he believes in the formula that we already had and didn’t want to change us. He took us to another level…. Not only as a manager he is a teacher, father, and entrepreneur

AC: If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be? Whether it is someone who has passed on or is still around today.

Blush:Missy Elliot,  Kanye West, and Will .I. Am

AC: What inspires your music?

Blush:Life experiences, the industry ,and  each-other.

AC:What would you say is different about your style?

Blush: We are two rappers and one vocalist. We have a hip hop sound and we are sisters as women we are sending a message together not just in it for the music.

AC: What would you say is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to creating your sound?

Blush:Someone speaking on our sound.  Oh and when we go somewhere and can`t perform!

AC: How does it feel to be opening up for Sevyn Streeter on her girl disrupted tour?

Blush:Its great & an honor! Teachers and students we are watching her performance and learning from her. We love her she is a professional.We are taking in everything from her.

AC: What can we as fans expect from you this year?

Blush:Lots of Blushing,  Everyone will be putting on their glass slipper !

AC: What advice would you give someone else who wishes you pursue a career in music?

Blush: Be you  none can be you better than you. Accept who you are and put your best foot forward. Don’t use negativity, Set goals and don’t let anything get in the way if this is your passion keep going, and Seek a positive mentor , Don’t let anyone tell you what you they want to hear.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram & Twitter: @officially_blushed

Check out their Youtube Channel:

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