Easy, Breezy, and Fleeky Interview with Makeup Enthusiast Nattybohlarin


Bolarin is a 20-year-old college student from Baltimore, MD. Hence her “pen name” ‘Nattybohlarin’, which roots from the American beer originally brewed in Baltimore. She began doing makeup in the 7th grade when she first discovered Youtube, She has been in love ever since! Practice makes perfect as she says and she continued to do so until she perfected her craft. I had the awesome pleasure of getting to know this beauty.

We discussed the following:

ZI: What is it about doing makeup that you enjoy the most?

B: The most enjoyable part of doing makeup is seeing the finished product. Going from a blank canvas to such a beautiful outcome is exhilarating. Beating a face isn’t easy so when you’re satisfied with your work, it is a great feeling

ZI: What are your favorite makeup brands and product? Drugstore and non-drugstore.

B: My favorite non-drugstore makeup brand has to be Anastasia Beverly Hills! The products are so worth the money… my favorites are the Dip Brow Pomade and ‘That Glow’ Glow Kit. I have yet to use their concealers and foundations, but I heard they’re bomb. As for drugstore (which is what most of my kit consists of), I would have to say L.A. Pro Girl, their concealer range is so wide and literally anyone can find their perfect shade. Another would the Maybelline Fit Me foundation (even though I would love to see them expand their shade range LOL J). This foundation is so full coverage and caters to those who struggle with oily and dry skin.IMG_7038.JPG

ZI: How did you begin doing makeup?

B: In the 7th grade, I discovered YouTube and it literally taught me everything. It has been a great help ever since. Around this time, I was starting to figure out myself as a teenager, finding out what I liked and didn’t, interests, style and all. I started out with patchy foundation and crooked winged eyeliner and took off from there. With practice, comes perfection

ZI: What has been your favorite beauty trend of 2016?

B: My favorite beauty trend of 2016 was definitely a nice highlight. You can never go wrong with a lil’ glow or glisten; especially on the tip of your nose! Yas hunty!

ZI: What 3 makeup items should a woman not leave the house without?

B: A woman should never leave the house without confidence, chapstick, and a mirror. The reason why I didn’t mention actual makeup products is because it is not a necessity, it should just enhance your beauty that is already there! If you’re confident in yourself, no one’s opinion of you holds any value. Don’t forget your chaptick, you don’t want your lips looking dry LOL (my favorite is Carmex chaptick), and of course a mirror to check yourself every couple hours.

ZI: Where do you get your inspiration?

B: My inspiration stems from people that made a living out of nothing. People in general, who didn’t grow up with much but still managed to work with the resources they had and made a craft or business, and enjoy what they do while making money or connections. Although I don’t see makeup as my future career path, it is something I hold close to me because there is such a huge beauty community and everyone has been through different life experiences and to hear those stories give me inspiration, hope, and sometimes I even shed a tear or two.

ZI: What are some beauty vloggers that are on your must watch list on Youtube?

B: I have so many favorite beauty vloggers but just to mention a few (in no specific order):

  • Alissa Ashley
  • Irishcel507
  • Faceovermatter
  • Jackie Aina
  • Naturally Sunny

ZI: What is one thing that you want to accomplish this year whether it be with your business, youtube channel, or a difficult makeup task?

B: One of my major goals for this year is to perfect my YouTube channel and by this I mean uploading more and relevant content, not procrastinating, and building friendships with other vloggers while doing so!

Be sure to check out Bolarin`s Youtube Channel…

Follow her

IG/Twitter: @nattybohlarin

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