Taking Off Upcoming DMV Rapper “Vonsway Rocket”

B88BE212-C2B7-412B-A13D-493D1AF5F5C3.JPGVonsway Rocket is an upcoming rapper from the DMV. His drive is unmatched and he will continue to push until he reaches his goal. He works harder than most towards his dreams. We at zealousinked believe he will in no time. With the amount of time he spends in the studio he has also just dropped his very first music video. We see big things for him in the future. We got the opportunity to sit down with him for an exclusive one on one interview.

We discussed the following: 

ZI: What do you enjoy most about making music?

VSR: What I enjoy most about making music is the creativity, and the challenge as well. Making music keeps my mind going as well as keeping me away from doing dumb shit. It also keeps me interested in myself, basically seeing how far and how hard I can push myself. To me making music helped me that’s why I love it so much.

ZI: What message do you want people to receive through your music?

VSR: Lol the message I need people to get through my music is to live your life to the fullest. Never let no one stop you from what you doing or trying to do, be yourself and be humble at all cost. Stay in your own lane create your own vibe & wave and ride that mafucka. And to NEVER BE A HATER

ZI:If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be?

VSR: Shit if I could collaborate with any artist right now it would be , Lil Wayne that’s my favorite artist of all time , Gucci, offset from the migo’s, Lil uzi vert, yo gotti and the whole cmg for real, money man, kodak black, young dolph, shit to be honest I’m willing to work with everybody and anybody who willing to work for me for real, I would most definitely work with every major DMV artist though.

ZI: What inspires your music?

VSR: I mean I always had a passion for music. I started out in middle school playing for my school Gogo band, you know if you tuning in and you’re from the dmv you know what Gogo is, but yeah then I was playing the drums at first , then I got to high school and probably like 11th grade me and a couple of my good men started a band name A.O.N (All.Or.Nothing) and I was on the mic 2nd to be exact. From there on music was kinda forced on me. Then growing up like I watched my mom struggle a lot as a single mom as me being the bad ass of our Brady bunch. Like I been threw a lot too from, loosing good men to street violence, being shot at, shooting at maf*ckas, robbing, as well as getting robbed , I done been in all types of fights and shit, let’s just say growing up I ain’t have a perfect life or strong support system to keep me positive which strived me to grind harder.

ZI:What would you say is different about your style?

VSR: I would say the way I put my music together and the different melodies and ways that I humanize is different, and as far as what I like to talk about, like I ain’t with a the violence fr I’m all about turning up having fun living life. Fuck all that other shit

ZI: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to creating your sound?

VSR: I don’t really think I have a pet peeve when creating my own sound forreal because, I love myself so much that my sound just flows with my vibes

ZI: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

VSR: 5 years from now I see my self having my own record label company having my own empire off the ground and running. Like I see myself wealthy as ever living life how I want to somewhere on a private island sipping pina coladas out of a coconut with my wife, and my mom and  family whatever house they want

ZI: What can your fans expect from you later this year, do you have any new projects coming up?

VSR: Right now so far all I’m working on is dropping single after single and video after video until people getting tired of hearing single after single, seeing video after video to the point where maf*ckas going start asking me to put a mic tape together or to the point where the people want me put a tape together. Until that time come Im giving out nothing but free crank!

Feel free to check out more from this artist on his social media accounts below



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