Beauty in the Image of God: Interview with Rising Clothing Brand “GodMadeGlobal”



When people think of the world around us and how it came about people find themselves thinking of what man or business made what. However, nothing in this world is necessarily made without the help of God. 21- year old Palmer Williams & 20-year old Julian Gerald co-own the brand Godmadeglobal have taking that thought into their own hands and created a brand that expresses that very reality that nothing is made without the help of God. Their brand not only embodies the spirit of God but, embraces individuality , artistry , and style. These two are definitely on to something new and we here at ZealousInked are excited to see what they are working with!

Transcription of interview :

ZI: What is your current fashion trend? What is your least favorite?

Palmer: My favorite fashion trend has to be flannels and crossbody bags. When it comes to my least favorite I don’t really have one I see fashion as a way to express your individuality.

Julian: My favorite fashion trend is retro hipster style which is really what street wear is looking towards

ZI: What does fashion mean to you?

Palmer: Fashion means to me is what’s hip & in style.

Julian: I believe that fashion to me is what’s hip and in style but also predicting what it is about to be.

Palmer Williams & Julian Gerald

ZI: Describe your creative strategy when it comes to designing your pieces? What differentiates you from other brands?

Palmer: The difference between us & other brands is were way more involved with people… we are open-minded & give the people a chance to be apart of the creative process.

Julian: My strategy is really just see what’s going on around me and try to recreate that with my own trademark.

ZI: Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

Palmer: I see our brand being global, God willing.

Julian: The next five years I see us being global and reaching more than just people where we are from.

ZI: What does “Godmade” mean? Where did the name come from?

Palmer: Godmade means to me being made by in the image of God, No matter my beliefs in Godmade.

Julian: To be made in the image of God is to be created beautifully Godmade to me is beauty.

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Video Creds: Jamar Triplett

Socials: @VerryRarre

Serious Inquires!

interviewer: Alexus Clanton

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