Beauty in the Image of God: Interview with Rising Clothing Brand “GodMadeGlobal”



When people think of the world around us and how it came about people find themselves thinking of what man or business made what. However, nothing in this world is necessarily made without the help of God. 21- year old Palmer Williams & 20-year old Julian Gerald co-own the brand Godmadeglobal have taking that thought into their own hands and created a brand that expresses that very reality that nothing is made without the help of God. Their brand not only embodies the spirit of God but, embraces individuality , artistry , and style. These two are definitely on to something new and we here at ZealousInked are excited to see what they are working with!

Transcription of interview :

ZI: What is your current fashion trend? What is your least favorite?

Palmer: My favorite fashion trend has to be flannels and crossbody bags. When it comes to my least favorite I don’t really have one I see fashion as a way to express your individuality.

Julian: My favorite fashion trend is retro hipster style which is really what street wear is looking towards

ZI: What does fashion mean to you?

Palmer: Fashion means to me is what’s hip & in style.

Julian: I believe that fashion to me is what’s hip and in style but also predicting what it is about to be.

Palmer Williams & Julian Gerald

ZI: Describe your creative strategy when it comes to designing your pieces? What differentiates you from other brands?

Palmer: The difference between us & other brands is were way more involved with people… we are open-minded & give the people a chance to be apart of the creative process.

Julian: My strategy is really just see what’s going on around me and try to recreate that with my own trademark.

ZI: Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

Palmer: I see our brand being global, God willing.

Julian: The next five years I see us being global and reaching more than just people where we are from.

ZI: What does “Godmade” mean? Where did the name come from?

Palmer: Godmade means to me being made by in the image of God, No matter my beliefs in Godmade.

Julian: To be made in the image of God is to be created beautifully Godmade to me is beauty.

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Who What Wear: Interview with Designer T. WALK

Pictured: CEO  Terrica Walker

If you wanna know who the next IT GIRL will be in the fashion industry, then look no further than T. WALK. At only 21 years old, she has launched her very own clothing line “WALK by T.WALK.” She has always carried a passion for creativity but, after completing college in 3 years her passion turned into a reality. Classy but sassy. These are some of the terms that would accurately describe the style of this fashion-forward designer. I had the pleasure of interviewing her and I am excited to see what she has coming up in the near future and wish her all the best on her journey.

We discussed the following:

AC: What does fashion mean to you?
TW:Fashion, to me, means a first impression.  People often refer to fashion as just clothes or “materialistic” without realizing that your fashion sense is one of the first things people will notice about you.  It’s a chance to be creative and express your personality without even having to speak.

AC: Currently, what is your favorite fashion trend? What is your least favorite?
TW: I’m really enjoying this sort of step back into the 90s trend that is circulating right now.  I think it really shows how fashion is truly just a cycle that reinvents itself time after time.  I don’t really have a least favorite fashion trend, I’m enjoying the route fashion is taking right now.

AC: You mentioned after seeing “The devil wears Prada” that`s when you were first introduced to the world of fashion, but what made you come up with the idea of “WALK” being your first big project?
TW: Well, I always knew I wanted to be the “Miranda” of the Devil Wears Prada.  I loved the idea of being a boss woman.  WALK wasn’t necessarily an “idea” I came up with, it was literally something I always knew I’d do, even at a young age.  The timing just never felt right.  After graduating college, I knew it was the right time and I acted on it quickly.

AC: What do you enjoy most about designing clothes?
TW: The process! I love how something starts on a piece of paper and then within a few weeks it’s in physical form.  I’ll sketch dozens of designs before narrowing it down to the 5-10 I ultimately pick.  I love that.  I guess what I love most is just seeing something in my head become a reality.  It reminds me that I can create anything.

AC: If you could collaborate with any celebrity, who would it be? Why?
TW: Anna Wintour with no hesitation.  Anna Wintour is a muse for me.  She, in my opinion, dominates fashion in nearly every way.  If I could collaborate with anyone, I feel it would only be right I do it with her.  In close second, though, I would love to collaborate with Olivier Rousteing.  He’s young, black and respected in the industry…things I admire.

AC: Describe your creative strategy when it comes to designing your pieces?
TW: I don’t have one.  I have no strategy, no process.  I’ll literally be on the couch, drinking tea, watching Amazing World of Gumball and just see something random that sparks me to sketch, and I’ll draw it in 10 seconds and go back to watching cartoons.  Or I’ll be sleep and just randomly feel the urge to sketch something.  Whenever I feel the impulse, I draw it right away and refer to it later to perfect it.

AC: There are so many people out right now doing the same thing that you are doing, trying to build their own fashion brand from the ground up.How do you plan to be different or what can you say if different about your brand?
TW: I don’t plan to be different, I just plan to be myself, work sun up to sun down, and enjoy this journey.  People are convinced that success is limited, but it isn’t.  I don’t look left or right, I know how far I want WALK to go and I’ll put in overtime to get it there.  My brand is different because it has me behind it…someone else’s brand is different because it has them behind it.  We can all be successful doing the same thing.  I wish success on everyone!

AC: What goals do you have for yourself and your brand in the next 5 years?
TW:In the next five years, my personal goal is to make Forbes 30 under 30.  I’m dedicated to that whole-heartedly!  As for my brand, I want it to be a diverse, yet respected company.  I’ve already started working on WALK Sport and WALK skincare…I’ll eventually branch out to makeup, furniture and health.  I want WALK to ultimately be up there with the Fortune 500s.

AC: What advice would you have for someone who is interested in pursuing a career in fashion?
TW:Take your time, but don’t waste time.  Plan accordingly, but don’t OVER-plan.  Be decisive…don’t overthink.  And literally just do it.  There’s no rules to anything we do…that applies to everything.  Of course it will be hard work like with anything else, but if you want to pursue a career in fashion, then pursue a career in fashion.  It is as simple as it sounds.

You can find WALK BY T.WALK products on her site:

You can also find her on Instagram & Twitter for updates on new releases below



Nothing but L 💔 V: Interview with the Owners of Upcoming Clothing Brand TYPE1co

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Co-Founders Mikey Hendrixx & Jefe Jones are making names for themselves with their upcoming clothing brand TYPE1CO. Their inspiration comes from their desire to be different from others. Their goal is to keep a story behind each product they release, to be more than just a brand that focuses on money but, one that provides substance with their products. I am expecting big things from this company in the near future. Be on the lookout for the release of more of their products! Click the link below to get your TYPE1Co gear.

We Discussed The Following: 

ZI:  What made you begin designing/Styling clothes?

Growing up I had different taste from everyone else. I preferred clothes and things that my peers didn’t have. Dare to be different was my mindset. I had a different vision for some of my clothes so I would do little things to my clothes to make them different. Now I’m here.

ZI: What are some things that you hope to accomplish through your designing/styling?

See people worldwide rocking with the movement, boost people’s confidence whenever they wear our products, and lastly changing my own life.

ZI:  How do you plan on building your brand, how will you be different from anyone else?

I plan on taking my brand to the next level by really pushing the message behind the brand on top of the unique art that’s being used. Each drop will have a special meaning or story behind it and this is what separate’s TYPE 1 from everybody else.


ZI: How would describe your style?

Unique, iI tend to combine a mixture of influences and cultures from everything & everywhere to make this one specific style.

ZI: What advice would you give someone else who is aspiring to pursue a career in styling/fashion designing?

Stay focused because nothing is built overnight (reality tries to distract you from your dreams). Design what you want (express yourself through your clothing). Don’t get caught up in the HYPE (longevity is key).

ZI: If you could style/design clothing for any celebrity who would it be, who would you say is closely related to your style?

Males I would want to style/design clothing for Travis $cott or HoodRich Pablo Juan. Females would be Kylie Jenner and Rihanna

ZI: What do you enjoy most about designing/styling clothing?

Expressing myself through art. Being able to make my ideas come to life. Seeing others being excited to wear my clothing.

ZI: What goals do you have for yourself and your brand in the next 5 years?

I can’t give away all the secrets. Stay tuned the show has yet to start.

Brand`s Twitter & Instagram : @Type1Co

Co-owner Mikey`s Twitter : @_MCrenshaw1

Co-owner Mikey`s Instagram :@Crenshaw_Mike1

Co-owner Jefe`s Twitter:@JefeJones_YGM

Co-owner Jefe`s Instagram:@JefeJones_YGM

Creations That`ll Survive a Lifetime: EternalDC

Owners of the brand Jamaal & Julian

Creative is an understatement when it comes to these two designers Jamaal and Julian. Building their brand has become a lifestyle… A lifestyle that is defined by internal creativity and their freedom of expression. Through their work they have caught the eyes of local DMV rappers Bali Baby and Rico Nasty. This is only the beginning they will continue in stretching their brand eternally.

We discussed the following:

Q: What made you begin designing/Styling clothes?

A: At the age of fifteen, I discovered a young designer by the name of Glyn Brown. Seeing his clothing line L3nf along with my own passion for clothing and art inspired me to start my own brand.- Jamaal

 Q:  What are some things that you hope to accomplish through your designing/styling?

A: To live the rapper lifestyle with the money,clothes, and fans through other outlets than rapping. And also shed some light on the creative side of the DMV. – Julian

Q:  How do you plan on building your brand, how will you be different from anyone else?

A: The name Eternal DC is a very versatile name and our group has many talents. So we can have our feet in several different ventures at 1 time. – Julian

img_8161Q: How would describe your style?

A: The beauty of Eternal DC is that we have three key members each with their own individual sense of style. We pride ourselves on not having one set ‘style’ and instead being amalgamation of the best qualities of the 3 owners

Q:  What advice would you give someone else who is aspiring to pursue a career in styling/fashion designing.

A: I would say to keep in mind that it’s not all one thing. The clothes can’t be 100% dictated by business in the same way that the business aspect can’t always yield to the art. Running a business like ours takes balance. – Jamaal

Q: If you could style/design clothing for any celebrity who would it be, who would you say is closely related to your style?

A: If I could style or design for any celebrity it would have to be Young Thug. Dude’s individuality is a real inspiration to me. You can tell he really doesn’t care what people think. As for who i view as closely related to my style, I’d have to say Travis Scott. I been watching his style since he first showed himself to the public & the way he wears plaid speaks to me.- Jamaal

Q:What do you enjoy most about designing/styling clothing?

A: What I enjoy the most about designing/styling is the creative freedom. It’s all about getting the vision out of my head without having to answer to anyone.- Jamaal

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Follow their twitter for upcoming projects @Eternal_DC

Keke Palmer Is Giving Off Serious RiRi Vibes at the American Music Awards

img_1416Keke Palmer is giving off serious Rihanna vibes showing up to the American Music Awards, wearing a metallic slinky two-piece outfit. Pairing this outfit with a plush light pink jacket and some pink sunglasses.  A few celebrities also arrived on the red carpet with a sheer outfit but, nothing is more talked about than Palmer. If it wasn’t her outfit it was her bubbly personality as you all may have seen videos posted around almost all social-media outlets of her dancing on the red carpet. This look gave the internet something to talk about. The response to her look were very controversial. Personally, I loved everything about it! She is an African-American woman who is comfortable in her body. She took a huge risk stepping out onto the red carpet in something so bold and risqué and she KILLED IT! Keep being who you are Keke and we here at ZealousInked Love and support you. What did you all think? Leave comments below or contact us on twitter @Thezealousinked

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