Nothing but L 💔 V: Interview with the Owners of Upcoming Clothing Brand TYPE1co

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Co-Founders Mikey Hendrixx & Jefe Jones are making names for themselves with their upcoming clothing brand TYPE1CO. Their inspiration comes from their desire to be different from others. Their goal is to keep a story behind each product they release, to be more than just a brand that focuses on money but, one that provides substance with their products. I am expecting big things from this company in the near future. Be on the lookout for the release of more of their products! Click the link below to get your TYPE1Co gear.

We Discussed The Following: 

ZI:  What made you begin designing/Styling clothes?

Growing up I had different taste from everyone else. I preferred clothes and things that my peers didn’t have. Dare to be different was my mindset. I had a different vision for some of my clothes so I would do little things to my clothes to make them different. Now I’m here.

ZI: What are some things that you hope to accomplish through your designing/styling?

See people worldwide rocking with the movement, boost people’s confidence whenever they wear our products, and lastly changing my own life.

ZI:  How do you plan on building your brand, how will you be different from anyone else?

I plan on taking my brand to the next level by really pushing the message behind the brand on top of the unique art that’s being used. Each drop will have a special meaning or story behind it and this is what separate’s TYPE 1 from everybody else.


ZI: How would describe your style?

Unique, iI tend to combine a mixture of influences and cultures from everything & everywhere to make this one specific style.

ZI: What advice would you give someone else who is aspiring to pursue a career in styling/fashion designing?

Stay focused because nothing is built overnight (reality tries to distract you from your dreams). Design what you want (express yourself through your clothing). Don’t get caught up in the HYPE (longevity is key).

ZI: If you could style/design clothing for any celebrity who would it be, who would you say is closely related to your style?

Males I would want to style/design clothing for Travis $cott or HoodRich Pablo Juan. Females would be Kylie Jenner and Rihanna

ZI: What do you enjoy most about designing/styling clothing?

Expressing myself through art. Being able to make my ideas come to life. Seeing others being excited to wear my clothing.

ZI: What goals do you have for yourself and your brand in the next 5 years?

I can’t give away all the secrets. Stay tuned the show has yet to start.

Brand`s Twitter & Instagram : @Type1Co

Co-owner Mikey`s Twitter : @_MCrenshaw1

Co-owner Mikey`s Instagram :@Crenshaw_Mike1

Co-owner Jefe`s Twitter:@JefeJones_YGM

Co-owner Jefe`s Instagram:@JefeJones_YGM


Next Up: Interview with Upcoming Rap Group from Atlanta

N.I.C.E the Mixtape.jpg

Demigod Squad is an upcoming rap group from Atlanta. The trio is made up of 3 rappers backed up by a talented producer. They spit a tight flow as they are not like any other rappers. They try to differentiate their sound and take you on a journey poetically and lyrically. They want to be admired but feared by other rappers , hence their name “demigod” after the half man half god himself. This trio is on the break of their careers and will be soon opening up for a few other up and coming artist.  Look out for these artist a they take you along for their journey we will see them doing big things soon! Don`t forget to also listen to their newly dropped single “24/7” on their mixtape  linked below.

We discussed the following:

ZI: What do you enjoy most about making music?

YP: The process of making something dope from your creative side nd everyone loves it..or hating it. don`t matter if you listened

Mulatto: It gives me peace of mind you know.putting my thoughts and feeling on the track

Lil Saint JP: The freedom to express how I feel or what’s going on in my life.

Matt Nice: what I enjoy most about making music is watching what you had in mind or your idea/vision become a MUCH better than anticipated reality.

ZI: How do you plan on using your music to send a positive message to your peers and people who may look up to you?

YP: I just wanna make music you can get lost too. no matter how you feel when my song come on your vibe change nd for those 3-4 minutes everything is just good

Mulatto: Im not trying to be a roll model. fuck you if you dont like our music #SupportOrDeport

Lil Saint JP:  I plan on making music that will make my peers and people listing to my music want to grind to do better in life and never stop grinding to get to the next sept.

Matt Nice:I want to show people that wild things such as becoming a rapper or celebrity is NOT as farfetched as it may seem.

ZI: If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be?

YP:Kanye west off rip.that’s GOING happen.then like Babyface

Mulatto: wiz khalifa

Lil Saint JP: J Cole and joey Bada$$ , those guys are my to favorites

Matt Nice:I would love to collaborate with Young Thug. I think he has brought one of the most unique styles and sounds not only to Atlanta rap but to music as a whole.

ZI: What inspires your music?

YP: Tbh…my situations and experiences with females do lol. i think a woman is like the most inspirational thing on earth

Mulatto: My goals that can come from the success of music such as girls money and fame

Lil Saint JP: My life and how im trying to better myself so I can live better

Matt Nice: My beats are inspired by artist such as Rich The Kid, Migos, Young Thug, and many other trap artists.

ZI: What advice would you give someone else who wishes you pursue a career in music.

YP: Dont do it for the money.barely any in it because you love making good music.

Mulatto: grind hard…thats it

Lil Saint JP: Go for it and go hard, and never stop working to do better in your craft.

ZI: What would you say is different about your style?

YP: MY style is different because everyone sounds the same now a days.yea i can flow with them but im more lyrical,witty nd layed back

Mulatto: im fye and they not…..simple

Lil Saint JP: That I kind of mix it up, I sing and rap and I try to add that in most of my songs and I speak real life events and never anything made up

Matt Nice: When I get ready to make a beat, I have a song or instrumental omewhere in mind. I start messing around with what im thinking about.That’s why my name is mattNICE. Whenever Ihmond (Young Poseidon) has an idea for a song and has me make the perfect beat for it, he tells me to put the “nice” on it.

ZI: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to creating your sound?

YP: When you know how you want something to come out…but it takes forever to get it right.but once you get it right its just dope

Mulatto: not getting it right on the first few takes.i like to stay fresh

Lil Saint JP:  To be honest I don’t have any pet peeves. I like to be open to anything. I figure if I like it, I like it and I’ll use it in my music it if its real to me.

Matt Nice: Honestly, I don’t have any pet peeves when it comes to producing. Every part of the creative process in making beats is fun to me.

If you would like to check out more of their work feel free to check out their social media accounts!

Snap Chat: youngposeidon ,younginmulatto, younq_lightskin, lilsaint_jo

Instagram: imyoungposeidon ,mulatto3x_ , _zvchry , _mattnice

Twitter: mulatto3x_ , imyoungposeidon , _zvcrhy


Demigod Squad (


Check out their latest single 24/7 ( )


YoungPoseidon ( )

mattnice (



Easy, Breezy, and Fleeky Interview with Makeup Enthusiast Nattybohlarin


Bolarin is a 20-year-old college student from Baltimore, MD. Hence her “pen name” ‘Nattybohlarin’, which roots from the American beer originally brewed in Baltimore. She began doing makeup in the 7th grade when she first discovered Youtube, She has been in love ever since! Practice makes perfect as she says and she continued to do so until she perfected her craft. I had the awesome pleasure of getting to know this beauty.

We discussed the following:

ZI: What is it about doing makeup that you enjoy the most?

B: The most enjoyable part of doing makeup is seeing the finished product. Going from a blank canvas to such a beautiful outcome is exhilarating. Beating a face isn’t easy so when you’re satisfied with your work, it is a great feeling

ZI: What are your favorite makeup brands and product? Drugstore and non-drugstore.

B: My favorite non-drugstore makeup brand has to be Anastasia Beverly Hills! The products are so worth the money… my favorites are the Dip Brow Pomade and ‘That Glow’ Glow Kit. I have yet to use their concealers and foundations, but I heard they’re bomb. As for drugstore (which is what most of my kit consists of), I would have to say L.A. Pro Girl, their concealer range is so wide and literally anyone can find their perfect shade. Another would the Maybelline Fit Me foundation (even though I would love to see them expand their shade range LOL J). This foundation is so full coverage and caters to those who struggle with oily and dry skin.IMG_7038.JPG

ZI: How did you begin doing makeup?

B: In the 7th grade, I discovered YouTube and it literally taught me everything. It has been a great help ever since. Around this time, I was starting to figure out myself as a teenager, finding out what I liked and didn’t, interests, style and all. I started out with patchy foundation and crooked winged eyeliner and took off from there. With practice, comes perfection

ZI: What has been your favorite beauty trend of 2016?

B: My favorite beauty trend of 2016 was definitely a nice highlight. You can never go wrong with a lil’ glow or glisten; especially on the tip of your nose! Yas hunty!

ZI: What 3 makeup items should a woman not leave the house without?

B: A woman should never leave the house without confidence, chapstick, and a mirror. The reason why I didn’t mention actual makeup products is because it is not a necessity, it should just enhance your beauty that is already there! If you’re confident in yourself, no one’s opinion of you holds any value. Don’t forget your chaptick, you don’t want your lips looking dry LOL (my favorite is Carmex chaptick), and of course a mirror to check yourself every couple hours.

ZI: Where do you get your inspiration?

B: My inspiration stems from people that made a living out of nothing. People in general, who didn’t grow up with much but still managed to work with the resources they had and made a craft or business, and enjoy what they do while making money or connections. Although I don’t see makeup as my future career path, it is something I hold close to me because there is such a huge beauty community and everyone has been through different life experiences and to hear those stories give me inspiration, hope, and sometimes I even shed a tear or two.

ZI: What are some beauty vloggers that are on your must watch list on Youtube?

B: I have so many favorite beauty vloggers but just to mention a few (in no specific order):

  • Alissa Ashley
  • Irishcel507
  • Faceovermatter
  • Jackie Aina
  • Naturally Sunny

ZI: What is one thing that you want to accomplish this year whether it be with your business, youtube channel, or a difficult makeup task?

B: One of my major goals for this year is to perfect my YouTube channel and by this I mean uploading more and relevant content, not procrastinating, and building friendships with other vloggers while doing so!

Be sure to check out Bolarin`s Youtube Channel…

Follow her

IG/Twitter: @nattybohlarin



Making Statements Without Words

Rashad Mackall is an up and coming photographer from Southern Maryland. Every project that he works on is passionate, creative, and innovative. Since the first time he has picked up his first camera in middle school , he knew it was for him! Rashad has big plans for himself in the future to make his small city proud. His name will be known and when you see his work it will do numbers. I had the opportunity to view his vision.

We discussed the following:

ZI:What do you enjoy most about taking photos?

R:I enjoy capturing the beauty in a image. Whether it’s beauty in my muse or beauty God has blessed us with, Mother Nature.  I love creating ‘Looks’, wether it’s creating with a clothing designer or a talented MUA.

ZI:Using 3 words how would you describe your style?

R:Evolving,  creative,  beauty

ZI:What message do you want people to get from your work?

R:I don’t really have a message I tell with my work.. My work varies,  I shoot my ideas based on what good look comes to mind. 80% of my shoots are not planned shoots.  It’s literally me finding a model,  and we both pitch ideas to shoot either that day or the next.  But I do want people to understand the greatness of my work.

ZI:What type of photos/pieces do you enjoy taking most?

R:I’m torn between saying portraits and editorial. I feel my strong suit is portrait photography but I also have that creative side that enjoy taking editorial photos. If I have to choose one style, I will have to say Portrait.

IMG_1488759683254.jpgZI:How would you say you differentiate yourself from any other photographer, what makes you special?

R:I’m not going to say I’m going to go out of my way to make my style of work different just because someone else work may have some similarity to my style..if anything I would make it my goal to create a better image.


ZI:What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to your work, what makes you tick?

R:When that IT photo isn’t coming sooner then I would like it to.  I’m learning on to just be patient and concentrate more.  But another pet peeve I have is thinking of more ideas to shoot when the shoot is already over.

ZI:If you could do a shoot with anyone who would it be, why?

R:Sheesh, this is a hard one. I would have to say Teyana Taylor.  Not just because that’s bae lol but she has an extravagant face and body.  She can deliver any look in my opinion. Editorial,  beauty,  urban,  etc. She got it.  We would make magic together. It’ll happen soon.

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If you would like to check out more of Rashad`s work feel free to add him on Instagram.


From Books to Looks: Get to Know Self-taught Makeup Artist TaliaRonnea!


At age eighteen most people don`t know what they want to with their lives. They put themselves into a bunch of different scenarios hoping that their dream occupation will just fall into their lap. However, that is not the case for self-taught makeup artist Talia. She spends her days in front of a camera perfecting her makeup. She has found her “Happy place”. Currently, she is working hard in school as an early education major and hopes to one day own her own daycare. Bringing style and beauty to little girls and boys day by day!

We discussed the following:

ZI: What is it about doing makeup that you enjoy the most?

T: Doing makeup is my happy place. It’s where I can express myself and I love how I can transform my face without having to go under the knife.

ZI: What are your favorite makeup brands and product? Drugstore and non-drugstore.

T: My favorite products that I cannot live without would have to be La Pro Girl Conceal (drugstore) and my Modern Renaissance Palette by ABH (high end)

ZI: How did you begin doing makeup?

T: In the beginning I started wearing makeup because I had a very low self-esteem and I thought I needed makeup to feel beautiful, that has now changed I started doing other people’s makeup because honestly … I needed the money BUT now I actually enjoy making girls feel gorgeous

ZI: What has been your favorite beauty trend of 2016?

T:   Cut creases, although they are very tricky I have grown to love them.

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ZI: What 3 makeup items should a woman not leave the house without?

T: This honestly depends on the type of beat you got going for that day but me personally I can’t leave the house without Lipstick, lip gloss and eyelash glue

ZI: Where do you get your inspiration?

T: Sometimes I just have ideas that come to my head other times I find mixtape covers and I use them for inspiration

ZI: What are some beauty vloggers that are on your must watch list on YouTube?

T: Laura Lee, Brianna Marie and of course myself!

ZI: What is one thing that you want to accomplish this year whether it be with your business, YouTube channel, or a difficult makeup task

T: This year I want to gain 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel we will see how that works … Also, I would love to invest in a better camera to record with.

For more of Talia`s work be sure to follow her:

Twitter & Instagram @misstaliaronnea



Begin to Start Blushing: Our Interview with Hip hop`s Newest Trio “Blush”


Hip hop trio “Blush” is setting the tone for what it takes to be an all-female group in the music industry. Managed by music mogul Matthew Knowles, father of two influential singers of today; Beyonce and Solange Knowles will be taking on another set of ladies. Composed of two sultry rappers and a soulful vocalist the group has been known to produce an old -school sound comparable to groups such as, TLC, Destiny`s Child, and Salt-and-Pepa.

The group is now on tour opening for R&B songstress Sevyn Streeter. The tour will take place until the release of Sevyn`s new album “Girl Disrupted”. While on tour the girls will be performing singles from their debut album “Old School Back Past, Present, and Future.” Be sure to check out their latest single “Cinderella”. We had the opportunity to sit down with the girls for an interview.

We discussed the following:

AC: What do you enjoy most about making music?

Blush: The fact that it is our own and we get to share it with the world!

AC: How do feel about being managed by the legendary Matthew Knowles with his knowledge of management and the music industry?

Blush: It is great , the reason that we grow is because, he believes in the formula that we already had and didn’t want to change us. He took us to another level…. Not only as a manager he is a teacher, father, and entrepreneur

AC: If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be? Whether it is someone who has passed on or is still around today.

Blush:Missy Elliot,  Kanye West, and Will .I. Am

AC: What inspires your music?

Blush:Life experiences, the industry ,and  each-other.

AC:What would you say is different about your style?

Blush: We are two rappers and one vocalist. We have a hip hop sound and we are sisters as women we are sending a message together not just in it for the music.

AC: What would you say is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to creating your sound?

Blush:Someone speaking on our sound.  Oh and when we go somewhere and can`t perform!

AC: How does it feel to be opening up for Sevyn Streeter on her girl disrupted tour?

Blush:Its great & an honor! Teachers and students we are watching her performance and learning from her. We love her she is a professional.We are taking in everything from her.

AC: What can we as fans expect from you this year?

Blush:Lots of Blushing,  Everyone will be putting on their glass slipper !

AC: What advice would you give someone else who wishes you pursue a career in music?

Blush: Be you  none can be you better than you. Accept who you are and put your best foot forward. Don’t use negativity, Set goals and don’t let anything get in the way if this is your passion keep going, and Seek a positive mentor , Don’t let anyone tell you what you they want to hear.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram & Twitter: @officially_blushed

Check out their Youtube Channel:

All The Flavors of Being a Girl: Get Painted By Pixie!


Ahmyia, also known as Pixiedoll or the Colorfairy is the ish when to comes to all things beauty. Specializing in both hair and makeup Ahmyia has found her true passion! She pursued her passion and graduated from the Aveda Institute in Washington, DC. Ahmyia gives her complete all when it comes to catering to the needs of her clients as well as educating them to be the best forms of themselves when it comes to their appearance. Keep an eye out for her work, as well as follow her on her journey as she continues to grow as a stylist and Makeup artist. I had the opportunity to carry out an interview with her and I am excited to see what she will become!

We discussed the following:

ZI: What is it about doing makeup that you enjoy the most?

PD: I enjoy everything about makeup but the before and after is defiantly my favorite part the exciting look on the clients face when they see the finished look completes my day.

ZI: What are your favorite makeup brands and product? Drugstore and non-drugstore.

 PD: My favorite product would have to be Gold deposit by Mac best highlighter of all time, and 2nd Fav Urban Decay all-nighter setting spray, LA girl is great as well especially for beginners.

ZI: How did you begin doing makeup?

PD: I begin doing makeup literally one day out the blew I just did my face and I was like I like this, this is fun lol and it looked great so I stared doing my friends then classmates then clients

ZI: What has been your favorite beauty trend of 2016?

PD: My favorite beauty trend of 2016 is definitely glitter everyone has been embracing the more dramatic looks as far as glitter lips glitter wing liner etc. and also the halo eye has been my favorite

ZI: What 3 makeup items should a woman not leave the house without?

PD: 3 makeup items a woman shouldn’t leave the house with that’s hard lol well me personally a lip or lipgloss for instance a red lip can take you from blah to ohh lol , a pencil because it can be used everywhere you can use it for your brows ,lip liner ,eyeliner and mascara I need my eyelashes poppin 24/7

ZI: Where do you get your inspiration?

PD: I get most of my inspiration from Daisy Marquez , and Ms.AliyahJay both of them are young and free they never do the same look

ZI: What are some beauty vloggers that are on your must watch list on Youtube?

PD: Daisy Marquez,Ms.AliyahJay,Mikala Walker , Angel Cumberbatch I could go on but those are like my favorite off the top of my head

ZI: What is one thing that you want to accomplish this year whether it be with your business, youtube channel, or a difficult makeup task?

PD: One thing I want to accomplish is to start my YouTube channel I’m waiting to get a better computer for editing so once I get that I’ll be ready  , I also want to stay focused as far as working my goal was to be working for Mac by 21 I’m 20! And I got hired in December 2016 so I’m excited about that and to be working for such an amazing company, I’m also dropping a boutique in February called Princess Gang so I just wanna stay focused.

For more information on Ahmyia`s work please feel free to contact her through the information listed below.

Business Instagram: paintedbypixieee

Personal Instagram: pixiedoll_

Twitter: pixiedoll_