Winners Focus On Winning Losers Focus on Winners: Interview with Young Entrepreneur Karahn Alston

CEO Karahn Alston                         

Meet 21 year old Karahn Alston owner of Don Enterprises. Karahn is taking his future into his own hands by starting up his own Public relations and Management company. He has always carried a passion to help others and after a rough patch in his life he found exactly where he was meant to be. To make it in this industry you have to carry a confidence that not everyone can handle. His personality and ambitions definitely shines through his work. His company provides its clients with branding strategies, brand/ crisis management, and promotions. I had opportunity to sit down with him and discuss is aspirations and where he sees his company in the next few years.

We discussed the following:

ZI: What gave you the idea of creating your own brand? When did you know this is something that you would wanted to do?

KA: Once I learned about PR, one of my good friends Trizz told me ways I really can make money helping musicians with their music. He is a rapper, engineer & producer so it knew what artist needed in order to succeed. Once he gave me the blueprint I ran with it and started seeing success early.From there I was hesitant about going out and starting my own company but from a lot of close people such as my girlfriend, my brother Fatty and my cousin Kobe gave me the confidence to go after my vision. they supported me and once I seen they believed in me I knew I was going to be good. I give a lot of thanks to my mom because, she always tells that my mind and personality could change peoples lives one day.

ZI: What challenges did or do you face when it comes to building and maintaining your brand?

KA: It is all a lot of hard work. The toughest thing for me is staying consistent with that and managing all of my clients. I work with a lot of people, so I have so many personalities and goals that I have to focus on. Everything else I can handle, I perform the best when people depend on me. I was nervous because, I didn’t know how people would react but soon as seen the feedback I knew this was something that was meant for me.

ZI: You work with a lot of up and coming Baltimore artist can you name a few?

KA: I work with so many people it’s so hard to name them all, I work with a few artists, I also work with people in other industries. I want people to know that DON ENTERPRISES is not just for musicians. I work with Pistol P, SDOT, the entire Double S label and about 5 other artists. I work with my girlfriend with her hair company that’s called Brazen Bundles, I work with my sister with her interior design company “Keniqua Alston designs” and a few small businesses.

ZI: How will you differentiate your brand from others who do the same thing as you?

KA: I`m different from other brands because, I build more than money I build connections with all of my clients. I am not money hungry. I have a solid relationship with all of my clients. I am very versatile, I am never focusing on one industry. My plan is for every one of my clients to reach all of their goals. My goal is for everyone to make money, keep a positive image and constantly improve their craft.

ZI: What advice would you give to someone else looking to start their own business?

KA: First, I would say develop a plan. Find a passion and learn any and everything about that is needed. Once you find what you are destined for, take a chance on yourself and get everything that you deserve. So many people see someone making success in something and immediately think they can do it too instead of paving a way for themselves.

ZI: Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next 5 years?

KA: In  5 years I plan to have a headquarters in New York with branches in other major cities. I plan to have the top athletes, musicians, actors, models, businesses, etc. under me. I will get them sponsorships, help with branding, advertising, promotion, management, PR etc. I see my only completion right now is Roc Nation.

ZI: What can your supporters expect from you this year?

KA: I am 4 months into this business. I expect my supporters to see me make immediate progression in my client’s success. I work extremely hard understanding my clients on a personal level, their goals and from there I strive to connect the dots for them to reach success.

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Next Up: Interview with Upcoming Rap Group from Atlanta

N.I.C.E the Mixtape.jpg

Demigod Squad is an upcoming rap group from Atlanta. The trio is made up of 3 rappers backed up by a talented producer. They spit a tight flow as they are not like any other rappers. They try to differentiate their sound and take you on a journey poetically and lyrically. They want to be admired but feared by other rappers , hence their name “demigod” after the half man half god himself. This trio is on the break of their careers and will be soon opening up for a few other up and coming artist.  Look out for these artist a they take you along for their journey we will see them doing big things soon! Don`t forget to also listen to their newly dropped single “24/7” on their mixtape  linked below.

We discussed the following:

ZI: What do you enjoy most about making music?

YP: The process of making something dope from your creative side nd everyone loves it..or hating it. don`t matter if you listened

Mulatto: It gives me peace of mind you know.putting my thoughts and feeling on the track

Lil Saint JP: The freedom to express how I feel or what’s going on in my life.

Matt Nice: what I enjoy most about making music is watching what you had in mind or your idea/vision become a MUCH better than anticipated reality.

ZI: How do you plan on using your music to send a positive message to your peers and people who may look up to you?

YP: I just wanna make music you can get lost too. no matter how you feel when my song come on your vibe change nd for those 3-4 minutes everything is just good

Mulatto: Im not trying to be a roll model. fuck you if you dont like our music #SupportOrDeport

Lil Saint JP:  I plan on making music that will make my peers and people listing to my music want to grind to do better in life and never stop grinding to get to the next sept.

Matt Nice:I want to show people that wild things such as becoming a rapper or celebrity is NOT as farfetched as it may seem.

ZI: If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be?

YP:Kanye west off rip.that’s GOING happen.then like Babyface

Mulatto: wiz khalifa

Lil Saint JP: J Cole and joey Bada$$ , those guys are my to favorites

Matt Nice:I would love to collaborate with Young Thug. I think he has brought one of the most unique styles and sounds not only to Atlanta rap but to music as a whole.

ZI: What inspires your music?

YP: Tbh…my situations and experiences with females do lol. i think a woman is like the most inspirational thing on earth

Mulatto: My goals that can come from the success of music such as girls money and fame

Lil Saint JP: My life and how im trying to better myself so I can live better

Matt Nice: My beats are inspired by artist such as Rich The Kid, Migos, Young Thug, and many other trap artists.

ZI: What advice would you give someone else who wishes you pursue a career in music.

YP: Dont do it for the money.barely any in it because you love making good music.

Mulatto: grind hard…thats it

Lil Saint JP: Go for it and go hard, and never stop working to do better in your craft.

ZI: What would you say is different about your style?

YP: MY style is different because everyone sounds the same now a days.yea i can flow with them but im more lyrical,witty nd layed back

Mulatto: im fye and they not…..simple

Lil Saint JP: That I kind of mix it up, I sing and rap and I try to add that in most of my songs and I speak real life events and never anything made up

Matt Nice: When I get ready to make a beat, I have a song or instrumental omewhere in mind. I start messing around with what im thinking about.That’s why my name is mattNICE. Whenever Ihmond (Young Poseidon) has an idea for a song and has me make the perfect beat for it, he tells me to put the “nice” on it.

ZI: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to creating your sound?

YP: When you know how you want something to come out…but it takes forever to get it right.but once you get it right its just dope

Mulatto: not getting it right on the first few takes.i like to stay fresh

Lil Saint JP:  To be honest I don’t have any pet peeves. I like to be open to anything. I figure if I like it, I like it and I’ll use it in my music it if its real to me.

Matt Nice: Honestly, I don’t have any pet peeves when it comes to producing. Every part of the creative process in making beats is fun to me.

If you would like to check out more of their work feel free to check out their social media accounts!

Snap Chat: youngposeidon ,younginmulatto, younq_lightskin, lilsaint_jo

Instagram: imyoungposeidon ,mulatto3x_ , _zvchry , _mattnice

Twitter: mulatto3x_ , imyoungposeidon , _zvcrhy


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