Interview with Hip Hop Artist “Lil STL”


Hip-hop artist and emcee, LIL STL, is an enigmatic, and provocative young talent.
He creates raw lyrical content that gives listeners a clear visual of street culture that
is beyond the typical gangster mentality. LIL STL has had features with artist such as Yo Gotti, Kash Doll, and also has opened for legends 2 Chains and Pusha T.  He hopes to collaborate with artist such as Kodak Black, Young Cash, and Future. Since the release of his single “Whitney & Bobby” he has created quite the buzz around the country.  He is someone to look out for as he proves that he has what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

We discussed the following:

ZI:What do you enjoy most about making music?

LILSTL: What I love the most is having the freedom to be myself creatively and artistically.

ZI:What would you say inspires your music?

LILSTL: Life itself…

ZI:What message do you want people to receive through your music?

LILSTL: My artistry… I want people to get that I`m an artist and I work hard.

LilSTL2.jpgZI:How did you feel going on tour with 2 Chainz & Pusha T? how was the experience was it what you expected?

LILSTL:Being on tour was definitely humbling. The crowds were so dope and I am just happy I got the opportunity and gained exposure.


ZI:There are a lot of rappers who are hot right now….What would you say is different about your sound?

LILSTL: I would say my Originality.

ZI:What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to your music?

LILSTL: Too much company

ZI:You just dropped your newest single “Whitney & Bobby” which really goes hard when I listened to it…. What can your fans expect to see from you within the next year… anything big planned?

LILSTL: Lots of new music and new projects.


Be sure to check out his latest single “Whitney & Bobby”


To check out more of Lil STL`s music follow him on the following social media outlets listed below


Next Up: Interview with Upcoming Female Rapper from Baltimore YBSLEX!


YBSlex is a female rapper from Baltimore. She has always carried a passion for music and by the way she flows you can tell she OWNS IT! Her flow is sick and speaks some real sh*t. She prides herself on showing that you do not have to be from the “hood” to rap hardcore. You can be a hardcore rapper but, still be proper. She beats the stereotypical rapper profile. We at ZealousInk are excited to see what new projects she is working on and how far she will move as an artist.

We discussed the following:

ZI: What do you enjoy most about making music?

What I enjoy most about making music is the fact that I can really express my inner thoughts. Most times I feel that I’m underestimated with my creativity, inner thoughts and my passion all around for music. I have always had experience with music. I have played the cello since I was 14. So I want to incorporate that in some type of way in my music. But from being influenced from people like Beyoncé to Janis Joplin to Sade to many others. I want people to know this is my diary and I’m not afraid to share my secrets.

ZI: What message do you want people to receive through your music?

I want people to receive a message that pretty girls that speak proper can have hood swag too. I was born in Spain. My father was in the military. When my mother moved here I grew up in West Baltimore and I am a product of the Baltimore City School system. I’ve always been “different”. I’ve always been “white girl”. So getting older and networking and people that are just getting to know me, don’t understand that I’ve  lived with that stigma my whole life and I know I’m not the only girl.

ZI: If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be?

Can I give my top 5 collabs please? Lol If I could collaborate with these musicians:  Kanye West, Mike Will Made It, Future, Meek Mill and David Guetta, life would be amazing.

ZI: What inspires your music? 

My pain and lack of space to express my inner thoughts. Today it’s “cool” to be “weird” (whatever that means) lol. But people are attracted to different and the fact that I’m able to have an avenue I can be myself in, I’m all in.
IMG_1394ZI: What would you say is different about your style?

I would say that my sound is different because I sing as well as rap. I can sing in Latin as well and I’m not afraid to cross barriers when remixing things. I’m actually working on a remix to the “Suavamente” club mix. That’s going to be fun. I also dress however I want. I do my makeup how I feel. If I want to wear fur flops and a bomber jacket, if my inner energy enjoys that. I’m doing it..

ZI: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to creating your sound?

My biggest pet peeve is when I’m recording and I listen back to my voice and certain words I don’t hit with conviction and “feel” like that’s the one. My voice is well received but I’m very sensitive about it. When I speak, I almost sing when I talk so my voice is high pitched. But I have that aggression in me as well.  So don’t play with me lol.

ZI: Where do you find yourself in the next 5 years?

In five years, I see myself opening the music scene for Baltimore by opening a very large recording studio. Jay Feddy doesn’t know but he will be managing that studio lol.( That’s my engineer and producer. We both worked closely with Scoota. He moved to Atlanta a month after me and began at Street Execs and the rest was history for us.) When artist come to Baltimore, most times they make their money and they leave. I want people to have a studio home when they come here and actually enjoy my city. I want it to feel  almost like my home studio in Atlanta, Street Execs. It feels like home EVERY time I’m there.  I also see my boys, my mom and I living in a big beautiful house. They deserve that from me. I also see myself having my own eyelash & makeup line. I was a makeup artist for a very long time and I love fashion so possibly a boutique as well. I also see myself giving back to my city in a major way. West Baltimore is home. “The Avenue” (Pennsylvania Avenue) means a lot to me because of my love for Scoota. I know that’s what he would want me to do and continue what he started.

ZI: What can your fans expect from you later this year, do you have any new projects coming up? 

My fans can expect an amazing project from me but also me really honing in on more visuals. I love to bring my words to life. I ask that everyone be patient with me because the gifts I have in store will be memorable.

 Be sure to follow YbsLex on Instagram @Lexchapo

Next Up: Interview with Upcoming Rap Group from Atlanta

N.I.C.E the Mixtape.jpg

Demigod Squad is an upcoming rap group from Atlanta. The trio is made up of 3 rappers backed up by a talented producer. They spit a tight flow as they are not like any other rappers. They try to differentiate their sound and take you on a journey poetically and lyrically. They want to be admired but feared by other rappers , hence their name “demigod” after the half man half god himself. This trio is on the break of their careers and will be soon opening up for a few other up and coming artist.  Look out for these artist a they take you along for their journey we will see them doing big things soon! Don`t forget to also listen to their newly dropped single “24/7” on their mixtape  linked below.

We discussed the following:

ZI: What do you enjoy most about making music?

YP: The process of making something dope from your creative side nd everyone loves it..or hating it. don`t matter if you listened

Mulatto: It gives me peace of mind you know.putting my thoughts and feeling on the track

Lil Saint JP: The freedom to express how I feel or what’s going on in my life.

Matt Nice: what I enjoy most about making music is watching what you had in mind or your idea/vision become a MUCH better than anticipated reality.

ZI: How do you plan on using your music to send a positive message to your peers and people who may look up to you?

YP: I just wanna make music you can get lost too. no matter how you feel when my song come on your vibe change nd for those 3-4 minutes everything is just good

Mulatto: Im not trying to be a roll model. fuck you if you dont like our music #SupportOrDeport

Lil Saint JP:  I plan on making music that will make my peers and people listing to my music want to grind to do better in life and never stop grinding to get to the next sept.

Matt Nice:I want to show people that wild things such as becoming a rapper or celebrity is NOT as farfetched as it may seem.

ZI: If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be?

YP:Kanye west off rip.that’s GOING happen.then like Babyface

Mulatto: wiz khalifa

Lil Saint JP: J Cole and joey Bada$$ , those guys are my to favorites

Matt Nice:I would love to collaborate with Young Thug. I think he has brought one of the most unique styles and sounds not only to Atlanta rap but to music as a whole.

ZI: What inspires your music?

YP: Tbh…my situations and experiences with females do lol. i think a woman is like the most inspirational thing on earth

Mulatto: My goals that can come from the success of music such as girls money and fame

Lil Saint JP: My life and how im trying to better myself so I can live better

Matt Nice: My beats are inspired by artist such as Rich The Kid, Migos, Young Thug, and many other trap artists.

ZI: What advice would you give someone else who wishes you pursue a career in music.

YP: Dont do it for the money.barely any in it because you love making good music.

Mulatto: grind hard…thats it

Lil Saint JP: Go for it and go hard, and never stop working to do better in your craft.

ZI: What would you say is different about your style?

YP: MY style is different because everyone sounds the same now a days.yea i can flow with them but im more lyrical,witty nd layed back

Mulatto: im fye and they not…..simple

Lil Saint JP: That I kind of mix it up, I sing and rap and I try to add that in most of my songs and I speak real life events and never anything made up

Matt Nice: When I get ready to make a beat, I have a song or instrumental omewhere in mind. I start messing around with what im thinking about.That’s why my name is mattNICE. Whenever Ihmond (Young Poseidon) has an idea for a song and has me make the perfect beat for it, he tells me to put the “nice” on it.

ZI: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to creating your sound?

YP: When you know how you want something to come out…but it takes forever to get it right.but once you get it right its just dope

Mulatto: not getting it right on the first few takes.i like to stay fresh

Lil Saint JP:  To be honest I don’t have any pet peeves. I like to be open to anything. I figure if I like it, I like it and I’ll use it in my music it if its real to me.

Matt Nice: Honestly, I don’t have any pet peeves when it comes to producing. Every part of the creative process in making beats is fun to me.

If you would like to check out more of their work feel free to check out their social media accounts!

Snap Chat: youngposeidon ,younginmulatto, younq_lightskin, lilsaint_jo

Instagram: imyoungposeidon ,mulatto3x_ , _zvchry , _mattnice

Twitter: mulatto3x_ , imyoungposeidon , _zvcrhy


Demigod Squad (


Check out their latest single 24/7 ( )


YoungPoseidon ( )

mattnice (



Begin to Start Blushing: Our Interview with Hip hop`s Newest Trio “Blush”


Hip hop trio “Blush” is setting the tone for what it takes to be an all-female group in the music industry. Managed by music mogul Matthew Knowles, father of two influential singers of today; Beyonce and Solange Knowles will be taking on another set of ladies. Composed of two sultry rappers and a soulful vocalist the group has been known to produce an old -school sound comparable to groups such as, TLC, Destiny`s Child, and Salt-and-Pepa.

The group is now on tour opening for R&B songstress Sevyn Streeter. The tour will take place until the release of Sevyn`s new album “Girl Disrupted”. While on tour the girls will be performing singles from their debut album “Old School Back Past, Present, and Future.” Be sure to check out their latest single “Cinderella”. We had the opportunity to sit down with the girls for an interview.

We discussed the following:

AC: What do you enjoy most about making music?

Blush: The fact that it is our own and we get to share it with the world!

AC: How do feel about being managed by the legendary Matthew Knowles with his knowledge of management and the music industry?

Blush: It is great , the reason that we grow is because, he believes in the formula that we already had and didn’t want to change us. He took us to another level…. Not only as a manager he is a teacher, father, and entrepreneur

AC: If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be? Whether it is someone who has passed on or is still around today.

Blush:Missy Elliot,  Kanye West, and Will .I. Am

AC: What inspires your music?

Blush:Life experiences, the industry ,and  each-other.

AC:What would you say is different about your style?

Blush: We are two rappers and one vocalist. We have a hip hop sound and we are sisters as women we are sending a message together not just in it for the music.

AC: What would you say is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to creating your sound?

Blush:Someone speaking on our sound.  Oh and when we go somewhere and can`t perform!

AC: How does it feel to be opening up for Sevyn Streeter on her girl disrupted tour?

Blush:Its great & an honor! Teachers and students we are watching her performance and learning from her. We love her she is a professional.We are taking in everything from her.

AC: What can we as fans expect from you this year?

Blush:Lots of Blushing,  Everyone will be putting on their glass slipper !

AC: What advice would you give someone else who wishes you pursue a career in music?

Blush: Be you  none can be you better than you. Accept who you are and put your best foot forward. Don’t use negativity, Set goals and don’t let anything get in the way if this is your passion keep going, and Seek a positive mentor , Don’t let anyone tell you what you they want to hear.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram & Twitter: @officially_blushed

Check out their Youtube Channel:

DMV to New York R&B Star $RainaRich$

rainarichinterview         Originally from the DMV (Washington D.C. Metropolitan area), RainaRich recently relocated to New York City to pursue her career in music. She got her start in singing as a kid by touring the world with her mother – soul singing diva and go-go legend, Maiesha Rashad (Maiesha and the Hip Huggers). In 2015, she released her debut project, The Box to a positive reception, landing features on The BoomboxYou Know I Got Soul, and Soul You Know amongst others. Mixed by Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Buck 3000 (Murder Inc.), the experimental five video series pays homage to 90’s R&B hits, and the legendary The Box Music Video Network. RainaRich is currently gearing up for the release of her forthcoming EP, Cinderella 99 (Fall 16) with Grammy Award-winning producers Sid “Omen” Brown (Beyoncé, Drake, Lil Wayne) and Chink Santana (Ashanti, Keyshia Cole, Toni Braxton). Her debut video from the EP, “Stars in Space” ft. Tray Pizzy recently premiered on HipHopDX in July. RainaRich can also be seen as the face of jewelry brand Aether79. I had the opportunity to interview her.

P.S.  Stay tuned for RainaRich’s second single and music video from Cinderella 99 premiering at the end of October.

We discussed the following:
Q:What do you enjoy most about making music?

That moment when all the pieces of the puzzle come together perfectly. The creative phase is definitely dope, trying different ideas on a track and stuff, but when it all comes together into a finished song, it legit feels like magic.

Q:How do you plan on using your music to send a positive message to your peers and people who may look up to you?

The best I can do is tell my story, sing from the heart, and hope people can relate to where I’m at. The topic might not always be “positive”, but if my story strikes emotion within a person who is going through something similar, then I’ve done my part. That’s the beauty of music to me, it’s the soundtrack to our lives…The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Q:If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be?

That is a tough one. I’m a music lover! I would at least have to separate new school and old school though.

New school: Right now I would love to collaborate with Future. The way he puts it down out on these songs is so right.

Old school: Even though I’m not a reggae artist, I have to say Bob Marley. Hands down. His music is timeless, and every song he did had a certain feeling to it.

Q:What inspires your music?

I’m inspired by life experiences. It could be a sad thing like a breakup, or a fun thing like getting drunk in the club, it’s all about the feeling that I get in that moment.

Q:What advice would you give someone else who wishes you pursue a career in music.

Stay prepared. When opportunity presents itself, you need be ready bruhh!

Q:What would you say is different about your style?

My style is different because there is only one me. We are all different. The way we present our creativity starts with what is inside of our minds as individuals.

Q:What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to creating your sound?

Trying to force creativity. It’s never the wave. So if you are trying hard to create a sound, you might end up frustrated. I’ve definitely been there. I’m sure that’s why some of the best artists take years to finish albums

For updates on her music check out her on all social media outlets

Twitter- @prxncessloudpac

IG- @prxncessloudpac

Snapchat- rainarichxoxo

Upcoming Hip Hop Artist CJ King


Written by :Alexus Clanton

  CJ King is a well rounded individual. He excels in every and anything that he puts his mind to. Graduating from Liberty University CJ knew that he wanted to pursue a career in music. Doing so he has written many pieces and continued to push himself with the support of his family and the ones around him. He is now working to his career with C1 Management. I am more than convinced that he will make it big some day and I am glad that I got the opportunity to interview him.

We discussed the following:

Q: What do you enjoy most about making music?

A: I enjoy the moment that I get to sit down and listen to the finished product after hours of recording. It’s a great feeling.

Q:    How do you plan on using your music to send a positive message to your peers and people who may look up to you?

A: Keep doing what I’ve been doing since freshman year of college. Make music that relates and touches on different battles we fight everyday.

Q:    If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be?

A: If I had to choose ONE I would say Andre 3000

Q:  What inspires your music?

A: I’m inspired by my growth. I look at where I started and get inspired to go in when I see that there was NO way I could have gotten to this place except through His doing.

Q: What advice would you give someone else who wishes you pursue a career in music.

A: Be Real. Authentic. And speak from the heart. Don’t give up.

Q:  What would you say is different about your style?

A: Hmmmm. My verses always stand out from the norm because I literally record each bar as I come up with it. Then when the session is all said and done, you listen back and it sounds as if the beat was made for my verse instead of it sounding like I just forced a verse on top of the beat.

Q:  What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to creating your sound?

A: Having to find beats. I HATE It.

If you are interested in hearing more of CJ King`s music feel free to click on the link below and follow him on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Instagram.

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